Rat King

a film by Simon Balthazar

Rat King is a short dance film about a group of explorers stranded in an abandoned post-climate-disaster landscape, next to a strange green lake. They find an object which initially guides them but ultimately ensnares them. And why does it look so familiar?

Contact: simon@simonbalthazar.com

Directed and scored by
Simon Balthazar @goodluckbalthazar

Enrique Melgarejo @eseeselchiste
Pako Nava @pakologia
Patrick Trigoso @pat_trigos
Octavio Dagnino @ostrich.dagnino
Sabina Villagómez Guzmán @ma_petitte.cherie
Claudio Mansour @claudiomansour

Director of photography
Oliver Victoria @mercado.de.luz

Costume design
Tripartito @estudiotripartito

Manuel Veranes @veranes

Visual effects
The French Kiss Lab @thefrenchkisslab

Additional visual effects
Octavio Rivadeneyra @dethkat

Alina Philippova @abamaolabama

Still photography
Artemio Nadyozhin @bornmentall

Assistant director
Oscar Sotomayor @oscarsotom